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Network Cabling Installation

Network Cabling Installation in London


SOS Electricals are network cabling installation experts and can visit your business premises to install the correct wiring to ensure that all of your technical equipment is connected properly and in full working order.


Networking cables are a certain type of hardware that enables network devices to be connect to more network devices. These particular cables can also be used to connect more than one computer to a scanner or office printer. The distance that the devices can be just a few metres if you are using an Ethernet or for greater distances in large offices you will need interconnections via the internet.


SOS Electricals Cables


Even though we have the technology for wireless devices, cabling is still widely used in business premises and is heavily relied upon to make sure communication remains.


There are a variety of different cables available with different technology. For instance, optical fibre and patch cables. Optical fibre cables are for longer distances between devices and patch cables for the shorted. In some instances, a power line will be used as a network cable.


SOS Electricals are available to provide and fit all types of cable to suit your needs. We will be able to get your office up and running whether you are moving to a new building or upgrading your hardware and technical equipment.


Please get in touch with us via telephone or use the contact page for a quotation or some friendly help and advice.