SOS Electricals | Why Is Electrical Safety In The Home So Vital?
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Why Is Electrical Safety In The Home So Vital?

Why is Electrical Safety in the Home So Vital

13 Feb Why Is Electrical Safety In The Home So Vital?

Take a moment to digest this; each year, about 350,000 injuries are caused by electrical accidents across the UK. Out of these, over 1,000 people are fatally injured in these accidents, or maimed for life. Most electrical fires are caused by faulty wiring, faulty electrical gadgets, or other human errors like bringing water into contact with sockets and live wires. Some of the worst culprits when it comes to accidental electrical fires include ovens and cookers. The tragic and regrettable fire at Grenfel Tower in London is a sad reminder of just how quickly things can go from bad to worse; investigators are working on a theory that the fire started from a cooker that caught fire in one of the kitchens. Electrical safety in the home is not something we can afford to take lightly.

  • In worst case scenarios, electrical accidents can be fatal. This can be as a result of electrocution, or by fires caused by an electrical appliance. Children are especially vulnerable party due to their lack of knowledge. Even adults are at risk, it takes a few excess volts to cause severe burns. Often times, things happen so fast that the aged and elderly may not be fast enough to save themselves.
  • Electrical accidents can also cause fires and explosions that spread quickly. About 54% of all fires in England are caused by electrical accidents, most notably from kitchen appliances like fridges, freezers, and cookers. The danger with these appliances is that they tend to blow up or catch fire when you’re away or asleep. Before you realize it, a huge fire has spread from the kitchen to adjacent rooms.
  • Where no loss of life or fire breakout is reported after an electrical fault, one still incurs huge losses from the damaged electrical appliances. Sometimes you may be forced to redo your entire home wiring, purchase new appliances, and so on. Whichever way you look at it, electrical accidents are to be avoided at all costs.

Why is Electrical Safety in the Home So Vital

How to ensure electrical safety in your home;

First and foremost, you’ll need to go back to the basics and do things rightly from the word go. Get a professional electrician when wiring your home so that you can rest assured all standard practices have been followed. A professional electrician will be able to suggest the right cables for every kind of wiring. Aluminium cables for instance are likely to cause accidental fires compared to copper.

Secondly, have an electrician come and inspect your electrical appliances frequently. Testing and inspection of your electrical appliances helps protect not just yourself, but also those around you. A professional electrician may be able to point out a hitch that you’d miss until it is too late. If anything needs to be replaced, the electrician will advice you accordingly. Lastly, you should also make a point of leading from the frontline, when it comes to electrical safety. If you notice any weird hissing sounds from your sockets or smoke; don’t take things for granted, get an electrician ASAP.  Never try to repair any electrical faults in your home unless you’re really qualified and able to do the job. Your safety and that of those around you is more important than anything; an electrician is just a phone call away. All naked wires should be covered and insulated to prevent accidental electrocution. Discourage your kids from inserting and poking objects inside power sockets. Always leave your lights off from the main switch when stepping outside the house; this is especially so if you know you’ll be away for several days or weeks.