SOS Electricals | What are Nest Smoke Alarms?
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What are Nest Smoke Alarms?

nest alarms

14 Jun What are Nest Smoke Alarms?

nest alarms


When it comes to smoke alarms, the majority of homes and buildings in the UK have them installed to protect family and staff members and alert anyone in the event of an emergency.

Today, these devices are becoming ‘smarter and more technologically advanced. This is where Nest detector products come in. This alarm has been totally redesigned and can be used in conjunction with an app on your smart phone. This alarm auto tests itself and can last up to ten years. You can find out more here from the official company website.

What is a Nest Smoke Alarm?

Nest protect is a well-designed smoke sensor ideal for either your home or office. It can test itself automatically and it can sense the difference between smoke and other gases like steam. This product will alert you when something is smoking so you can deal with the situation as quick as possible.

In addition to this, it can also detect high levels of carbon monoxide. Sometimes heating systems can cause carbon monoxide leaks and this is dangerous since carbon monoxide is odourless, can spread quickly and can kill if undetected. Heating systems can also enhance the spared of smoke in a fire. Nest smoke alarms alerts the Nest thermostat to turn off the heat to prevent smoke from spreading faster. It drastically reduces the level of false smoke alarms since it is designed to detect differences between smoke and steam caused by cooking or showers.

Features of Nest smoke alarms

It gives warnings in a friendly human voice to warn you of trouble before it escalates.

The Nest smoke alarm is also designed to work well with other Nest products such as lights, locks and any other products you may have.
It can test itself to ensure that its batteries are working and its sensors are functional. Most people forget to check their sensors on a monthly basis so the Nest smoke alarms so this all on their own so you can be assured that your system is working great without having to check it constantly.

When looking for a system which can detect fire and high levels of carbon monoxide levels in your home or office, then Nest smoke alarms are your best option. With its ability to detect trouble before it escalates, it is ideal for every home owner.