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The Savant Pro App

11 Oct The Savant Pro App

You Can Now Control Everything in your Home Exactly How You Want!

One single Savant Pro app now enables you to customise the way things function in your home exactly to your specification when you need it. It does not matter whether you wish to adjust the lighting, heating or entertainment systems there is a function to suit every need. This app will also control your home security with the touch of a button.

savant pro

You will also be able to control any outdoor lighting that is installed and set it to turn on at a certain time of the evening for when you return home. This feature is also an energy saving device as you will be able to turn lighting off in any room around the home which is empty and not in use. This can also reduce the cost of your electric bill.

You will be able to use your Apple watch to increase efficiency to close the shades during the day and also if you own a holiday home, get alerts on extreme temperatures.

If you are entertaining friends or family, you will be able to control your accounts with Netflix or Apple TV and watch up to nine things at once with the TrueControl App.

If you are spending a period of time away or are on holiday you will be able to give the impression that a person is at home with Savant Home Security Solutions. This will greatly increase the security of your home and with the touch of a button be able to lock doors, enable the alarm and adjust the shading.

Also available are devices to control home cinemas and also swimming pools if you have a home that includes these features.