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The Lutron Palladiom Keypads

18 Aug The Lutron Palladiom Keypads

Lutron Wireless

Every home needs lighting and although it is a necessity it can now part of the décor that can create a different feel to any room depending on your mood. Gone are the days of having one light bulb and one level of brightness that cannot be controlled. Lutron now offers a range of lighting control systems that can be tailored to any setting that you wish. Whether you are having a quiet night in, a dinner party or a movie night there will be a level of brightness to fit perfectly. A range of different levels from bright, soft and theatrical are available to really enhance whatever mood you are in or match the evening you are having. This can all be controlled by the latest technology in the form of the Palladiom™ keypad.

The new Lutron keypad has a range of buttons that enables you to control a variety of different functions with the slightest of effort. From this device you can control the lighting from table lamps and fixtures on the wall to produce the right feel for that particular occasion.

The Palladiom™ keypads are made in a number of different materials to suit the décor of any home. There are ten different colours and eleven types of metal finishes to choose from. There is also a clear glass version which will suit any room. From these designs, you will able to have a unit that will match your kitchen draws and cupboards or window frames.

If you are having a new home built or a major refurbishment you may want to consider wired Palladiom™ Keypads and Wall Stations which are part of the Lutron HomeWorks® QS system. These can control the wireless QS switches and dimmers.

You can call SOS Electricals for installation advice and pricing of Lutron products or visit our showroom to see a demonstration.