SOS Electricals | The Dangers of Asbestos for Electricians
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The Dangers of Asbestos for Electricians


29 Jun The Dangers of Asbestos for Electricians

As with most construction jobs there is an element of certain risks, hazards and dangers that can be around in the workplace. This is why there are many laws and health and safety rules in place to ensure that tradesmen are kept as safe as possible during working hours so accidents and incidents are kept to a minimum.

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An electricians job is to maintain, repair or install electrical wiring in residential properties, business premises and construction sites. This involves attending to wires through wall, small spaces lofts and ceilings in properties old and new.

One of the dangers of the electricians job when working on older buildings is the possibility of coming across Asbestos which is extremely hazardous and can cause serious health problems and later the possibility of lung cancer (mesothelioma).

Asbestos was used in construction for many year and the UK was one of the last to ban the material when other countries had. That is why the UK has the highest rate of Mesothelioma in the world due to the number of people exposed to asbestos in the construction industry.

An electrician can come in to contact with asbestos in a couple of ways. Asbestos can be the insulator around wiring that needs attending to which will need to be disturbed. Drilling through walls to install new wires can also be a problem is asbestos is present. Both ways, the fibres will be released into the air which will be breathed in which causes the long term damage to health.

It is important that all electricians take the required measures to protect themselves from these dangers in the workplace. For more information on asbestos and it history you can click here.