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Latest Technology in Solar Power Generation

Latest Technology in Solar Power Generation

25 Jun Latest Technology in Solar Power Generation

The solar technology has grown so fast since scientists made their first entrance in 1960s. Today, there are hundreds of solar panel models and designs on sale, most of which have been designed to suit the preference of the modern day user. Technology has influenced the way solar technology brands looks and operate today, with premium brands such as LG and Panasonic working hard to produce the best products for residential solar market. With the latest developments, everyone is now on the lookout for what the new technology will provide this year and in the years to come.

The recent advancements;

The recent advancements in the solar power generation have been necessitated by the need to improve the efficiency and the cost of the solar cells. An average solar cell is about 15% efficient, which means that 85% of the sunlight that hits it does not really get converted to power, which is a great loss. This is the reason why scientists have been doing their best in order to boost the rate at which the light is captured and converted into electricity to ensure maximum generation of electrical energy by each solar cell.

The latest technology has also led to the unveiling of light-sensitive nano-particles called colloidal quantum dots. These are believed to offer a more affordable and flexible material for the production of solar cells.

Scientists have also been looking for ways through which the energy produced by the solar PV systems can be stored. So much energy has been lost in the past. What has been happening in the past is that the energy generated by a solar PV system is transferred as electricity into the grid, which then must be used immediately or is lost. Since we do not have sunlight round the clock, it only means that most of these solar PV systems are serving their users for only a part of their day. So much electricity is lost even before we have enough to consume.

For this reason, a number of batteries have been invented recently, which could store up this energy for use when the PV systems are unable to produce enough electricity. The problem is that even the best of these batteries are not efficient enough and they are quite expensive. Scientists are now using the latest technology to come up with alternative ways through which this electricity can be stored and used on demand.

Today’s solar panels have an inbuilt battery, which makes them 20% more efficient and 25% cheaper.

Latest Technology in Solar Power Generation

New panel designs

The appearance of solar panels on the roofs for many homeowners has been a major issue. Users not only want a solar system that will generate enough energy but also one that will add to the aesthetic appearance and style of a home. Solar panel manufacturers have been developing solutions that are geared towards giving homeowners the makeover they have been searching for. What we have today are:

  1. Flameless solar panels. The frame of the previously produced solar panels was the most unattractive bit of the entire panel. That is why companies today are producing frameless panels. They have their own challenges though such as lack of appropriate mounting equipment that will work without a frame. Some manufacturers are working on producing special kinds of mounting apparatus for the frameless panels to solve this issue.
  2. Clear solar panels: glass panels are loved more because they are more visually attractive. They are also more durable than other silicon cell panels. Above all, they are able to withstand harsh conditions and are resistant to fire hazards and erosion.