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Stage Lighting

stage lighting

11 May Stage Lighting

The quality of stage lighting, or rather, the way it is done can make or break a performance. The script may be nice, the cast may be ready and perfect; but unless the lighting is done properly, you risk ruining a performance long before it has even started. Thus the first step towards a great performance in a hall or theater is stage preparation; and stage lighting is part of this planning. Whether it’s a dance, play, pr whatever presentation is coming, you have to do your research correctly. With this knowledge, you’ll know how to go about the stage lighting. Mind you, some presentations like plays may require lights to be switched off and on momentarily depending on the script.

stage lighting

In dances, side lighting always does a great job in creating the perfect silhouette of the dancers as they execute their moves. But in plays, poems, and other similar presentations, front lighting is recommended as it helps in enhancing the definition. For live music, you can use different colors to bring out the best of the band of musician.

The key to proper stage lighting isn’t so much about being a pro, as to understand the script. Understand what the director wants to achieve in each scene. There’s something called selective visibility; what does the director want the audiences to see? Focus on that with your lighting, it could be an emotion, a swift motion, etc. If the scene is a sad, somber one, you’ll be better concentrating your lighting on the facial expressions to capture that mood.