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SOS Exterior Lighting Brands

exterior lighting

28 Dec SOS Exterior Lighting Brands

SOS Electricals use a number of different brands when installing lighting into homes and business premises in London. In this blog post we will get some more information on them describe some of our favourites to work with.

Collingwood Lighting are one of the leading companies in the United Kingdom that are experts in LED

The company is known for using top quality materials in their products to ensure that they last the test of time and at the front when developing new technology.

Collingwood produces a range of lighting from wall lights, ground lights and retail lighting for shop floors and wind dressing.

The company specialises in LED lighting with products that are innovative, attractive and can bring a creative look to your home, garden or business premises.

The company is based in Northampton in the UK but their customer base is worldwide and their products are installed in places such as normal family homes, Universities and stately homes

C4 is a Spanish lighting company and has been in the industry for over 40 years. They produce many different styles of lighting in seven different product ranges. You will find pretty much anything that you will need from this extensive collection.

Some of these products include Ceiling mounted lights, Floor lamps and Outside lighting. They also offer all different styles including modern, traditional and street lighting.

Aurora Lighting is a worldwide brand and has customers on every continent in 70 countries and is regarded as the market leader in recessed downlights.

Their comprehensive range of products are expertly engineered and designed to save energy. The company had previously had great success in the traditional lighting industry but now is considered at the forefront of LED lighting.

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