SOS Electricals | Simple Tips To Maintain Your CCTV Security System
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Simple Tips To Maintain Your CCTV Security System


08 Jan Simple Tips To Maintain Your CCTV Security System

A CCTV security system is an important investment that should be well protected at all times. These are systems that help reduce burglaries in homes and also help owners to keep an eye on their business premises. Installing CCTV is the first step; ensuring that the cameras are well maintained is the other equally important part. Failure to this, you risk capturing blurry and grainy images that are of little help, or even fail to capture any images at all! Check out below the guide we have compiled to help you maintain your CCTV system;

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Quick tip; the frequency with which you should inspect your system will depend on its age, and quality. If it’s an old CCTV system, you should check it at least after every 3 months.

  1. A semi annual inspection; usually, you should inspect your CCTV cameras both indoors and outdoors for any signs of damage or corrosion. If the connectors display signs of corrosion, have them replaced promptly otherwise the system risks shorting out. The power supplies should be working and no power should be lost either due to tampering or from disturbances from storms.
  2. Cleaning the cameras; cameras ought to be cleaned at least twice every year if you want optimal performance. Look out for dust, water spots, smudges and other elements that may block the lenses. Always use a soft dry cloth to wipe the cameras gently; never use detergents or other liquids as the glasses are sensitive to such.
  3. Securely positioned; you should regularly review the CCTV footage being recorded so that you know whether you need to adjust the cameras to certain angles or directions. Also, ensure that the cameras aren’t loose or jiggling otherwise they may fall off or swing uselessly without recording anything.
  4. Trimming the landscape; this especially applies to outdoor cameras where branches and vines may block the view. Always trim trees and bushes obstructing the camera’s view. While at it, it is also vital that you ensure animals like squirrels, birds and bees do not build their nests near the cameras. These may block the recording of a potentially important footage.
  5. Camera should be weatherproof; your CCTV cameras should always be protected from environmental elements. Too much water exposure or direct sunlight damages the camera especially if it was not meant for such environments. It is always advisable that when you’re installing outdoor cameras you consider covering them with small sheds, or an encasing.
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  6. Securely connected cables; lastly, always keep a constant eye on your connection cables as these also cause frequent breakdowns of CCTV Systems. Worn out cables and those showing signs of wear and tear should be replaced. Check all cables connected to the cameras, DVR, monitor; ensure that all are receiving power and are well connected.

In most cases, people throw away the manuals for their CCTV systems the moment they have installed them. However, it is always nice to keep such manuals with you, in case you need to confirm something. Besides, it makes sense to read the manual before rushing to call over a technician who may charge you much for something you could have handled. Remember, once a company has installed the CCTV system in your premises, most never return again; the maintenance work is left to you. It’s advisable to invest in a good quality system that records quality images and requires little maintenance. Cheap on the other hand is expensive; a cheap CCTV system means frequent breakdowns, and grainy, low quality images.

Get a professional to advice you on the best CCTV system for your premises and tips on how to maintain it.