SOS Electricals | Shop Front and Business Lighting Guide
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Shop Front and Business Lighting Guide

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12 Jan Shop Front and Business Lighting Guide

If you are looking for a way to get the most compelling shop front for your business, you should consider the three basic concepts. First, you will need to make sure that sure your shop front attracts clients, second, your display should be able to engage the potential customer, and third it should be enticing as well so people will want to enter your premises.

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Investing in a quality lighting system will help all three of these aspects by improving the image of your business bringing it to the attention of the many people passing by which will help increase sales of the products that you provide.


You want to create a lighting design that show cases the products that you have on display in a very attractive way. This will help a customer to see your products clearly even during the darker hours.


After attracting someone’s attention, you want to give your potential customer a reason to walk into your premises. This is your perfect opportunity to look for a way to engage them. You can achieve this by setting up eye catching task lighting that will give someone a yearning to know more about your products. You will want them to take a closer look of what you have to offer which will help them make a decision to purchase.


Now that you have captured the attention of your potential customer and have also helped them to become more interested in your products. It is now time to encourage them to enter your business and inquire in more detail about your products and services.

Positioning Your Lighting

You will want to make sure that the lighting is installed in the right positions. For example, you do not want to put lights below the front shop window because they create great shadows. On the other hand, lights that are directly above are too bright and can create an unwanted glare. For the best lighting positions, try out off-center lights at the topmost areas of the front windows.


For the perfect shop front and business lighting, you need to understand your customer, your products and have some level of creativity to get the best results. Please contact us via the contact page to see how we can help install the perfect lighting for your business or visit the lighting designers in London page of our site.