SOS Electricals | Security Lighting – Advantages of Solar Security Lights
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Security Lighting – Advantages of Solar Security Lights

solar lighting security

15 Jan Security Lighting – Advantages of Solar Security Lights

Solar security lights are increasingly replacing the older electrical and battery powered versions. Today, it is common to come across many of these security lights hanging from gardens, streets, parks, and other poorly lit areas. The simple concept is that solar powered lights take in the sun during the day, and convert that to electrical energy that’s stored in their batteries. Checking the battery life and performance of the light is one of the top considerations when buying one. In this article, we’ll explain to you how solar security lights work, and their pros and cons. First things first;

solar lighting security

How do these solar lights work?

In essence, solar security lights are placed in such a way that they take in sunlight, convert it into energy and store it in batteries. Additionally, the lights have special motion sensors. The sensors light up when motion is detected; this is why they come in so handy in backyards and other poorly lit areas. The batteries can last for 2 years or more and most are replaceable. Solar security lights require minimal wiring; you just need to place them in an area that has ample sunlight.

Who needs these lights?

Solar security lights, also known as solar motion lights, can be used for different purposes;

  • Home owners need solar security lights to light up the dark areas in their homes
  • Garden enthusiasts will also find them useful in enhancing their gardens with their vivid, dramatic lighting.
  • Security motion lights are also increasingly being used to light up paths in recreational parks and grounds. Civilians walking at night are able to see their paths well.
  • Last but not least, they are ideal for security since they alert you of unwanted people near your house. They will flash the moment they sense motion approaching towards the property.

Solar security lights are inexpensive and with as little as £10 – £40 you can get yourself some. Like we mentioned earlier, they require little or no wiring as everything about theme is automatic; you just need to locate them in the way of direct sunlight.  You can readily purchase them in most electrical stores, or even online.  They’re also eco friendly as they just harness what nature has to offer freely.  The good thing is that when buying these lights, you can get them in bundles so that you spread them evenly around your home. Depending on your needs, you can place some near the gate, in the garden, near your backyard, and so on. When buying a solar security light, their price will be determined by the sensitivity of the sensors, capacity and longevity of the battery, as well as the size of the light. Thus, always take time to shop around comparing and contrasting the different brands.

You don’t need any prior experience or expertise in order to install the solar security lights. In fact, most companies have written on their box ‘install in seconds’. Each light has 2 screws and 2 holes so that you can screw it wherever you want. Some property owners even use super glue to deter thieves from unscrewing and taking them away. It’s worth noting that we have some automatic solar lights that will automatically turn themselves on in darkness and switch themselves off at dawn. They may dim at night, but light up again brightly when motion is detected nearby.

Solar security lights are a good investment; they are a smart and eco friendly way of securing and beautifying your property. They are affordable and once you install them, you don’t have to worry about switching them every evening and off each morning you wake up.