SOS Electricals | Safety Measures For Electric Hazards In Construction Areas
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Safety Measures For Electric Hazards In Construction Areas

electric hazards in construction areas

11 Dec Safety Measures For Electric Hazards In Construction Areas

London is a city endowed with many industries, with construction firms being in the lead. Construction sites tend to be full of potential electrical fire dangers. Fires on construction sites happen frequently, and they pose a very high risk of severe injury or even death for the workers on site. Construction site fires also pose a risk to the general public as well as the property surrounding a jobsite. Damage to both the worksite and the surrounding property may add up to significant, unexpected costs to a construction company.

electric hazards

The awareness of electrical and fire hazards on construction sites has developed through the years as numerous incidents of fires and accidents cannot be overlooked. Improvements in general construction site procedures and safety measures in London are already making a difference, but more can always be done.

Some of the major areas of concern in terms of the risk of electrical hazards are whenever any large, high-wattage power tools are in use. The potential for electrical hazards is accelerated whenever portable generators bring electricity to a jobsite or when a new electrical system is being installed or tested in a building.

Electrical injuries to the human body include electrocution, electrical shock, burns and falls. Electrocution is the third leading cause of work-related deaths among workers and also at home. Electricity also destroys property such as appliances and equipment. Electricity may lead to fires that burn entire buildings down. The following safety measures can be taken for electric hazards in construction areas in London.

Providing Adequate Training and Supervision

Be sure to provide a thorough, current training and supervision for all the firm’s employees, especially those working directly with electricity. Paying close attention to new employees so that you can ensure they know how to handle themselves around high voltage equipment will help you to stay safe.

electric hazards

Safety during Welding

During welding, cutting and brazing processes, sparks and extremely hot flying particles are produced. Torrents of sparks can move molten metal far from the work area without being seen, and may start a fire. It is advisable to put shields around the welding site to prevent this. Also, remove all combustible materials, liquids and containers from the work area. Position working tool cords safely and ensure sparks or molten metal do not burn any power cords.

Install Temporary Electrical Service Safety

At times a construction site may require a temporary electrical service to be installed outside of a building in progress until the building has its own electricity system. If this is the case, make sure the temporary service never becomes weighed down. Take measures to ensure that they are protected from any stormy or rainy weather.

Onsite Fire Extinguishers

electric hazards in construction areas

Be sure to provide the right type of fire extinguishers onsite for the precise tasks your employees will be performing. A thorough research on the types of extinguishers available for the workplace and personal use may enable you to settle for the best fire extinguishers for your industry. If possible, settle for fire extinguishers that are used for electrical fires – whether caused by electric motors, fuse boxes or welding machines. Be sure to have them on hand whenever electricity is in use at your jobsites.

Electricity is an essential asset in the modern world with the introduction of technology and innovation. Electricity is crucial especially for the industrial sector and for the running of daily activities in homes and small businesses. It is therefore a necessity to understand how electricity works and the dangers involved while working with it. Electricity is a good servant but a bad master when used in the wrong conditions. Adherence to these safety measures for electric hazards will help keep your workers and property safe.