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Radio Linked Smoke Alarm Systems

smoke alarm

16 May Radio Linked Smoke Alarm Systems

Fire alarms have been with us for many years, they have helped prevent numerous fire outbreaks in buildings. However, it is radio linked alarm systems that are the big deal; many experts have dubbed these alarm systems as game changers. In essence, radio linked smoke alarms are connected to each other. When one detects smoke or a small smoldering fire, it automatically alerts the others. In the traditional alarms, the interconnecting wires can get burnt and thus fail to link with other alarms in the premises. That’s why linking them via radio is the way to go.

smoke alarm

To understand this better, imagine living in a flat or block of apartments where there is a radio linked smoke alarm system. If the fire were to start at the basement, or top floor, the person who’s furthest may not know of the fire until after it has spread to where they are. But with this system in place, a fire alarm anywhere is a fire alarm everywhere; every home owner will get notified right away. There are different brands of radio linked smoke alarm systems, each with its own specifications. Basically, you should look out for the battery life because once you have set the alarm in place you don’t need to keep checking it to see whether it’s functioning. A good system should have a battery life of no less than 10 years. Also, the system should be digitally coded to avoid interferences from other similar systems in adjacent buildings.