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Positive Benefits Of Automation In The Workplace

Positive Benefits of Automation in the Workplace

06 Mar Positive Benefits Of Automation In The Workplace


For a very long time, automation and robotics have been subjects of science via fiction movies and films. But today, this is no longer fiction or a vague imagination; automation is realm it works, it’s here with us to stay. Think of automated doors in a building whereby the management wishes to allow in only a select few. The doors will allow in only those with specially given cards that are inserted into a slot, or fingerprints. Even in factories and industries, robots are being used to mix chemicals, operate dangerous machines that have blades; jobs too risky for humans. Thus generally speaking, automation is changing our traditional way of doing things.  There are numerous benefits of embracing automation in the work place and they include the following;

  1. Enhanced safety and protection; research has shown that automated systems help improve the safety and security. They are ten times much better than humans. Think of automated banking teller machines or ATM machines; their chances of dispensing excess or lesser money is next to zero! Humans on the other hand are prone to making errors. In this day and age of terrorism and mass shootings, automated doors and entrances are emerging as an effective way of keeping unwanted strangers off premises.
  2. Higher productivity; it’s also a fact that automated systems help increase productivity and efficiency. An ATM machine will dispense more cash in a day than 10 cashiers can manage over the same time! Automated systems are known to double up productivity in the work place. What an automated system can do in an hour, it’d take more employees and longer time to get the same done.Positive Benefits of Automation in the Workplace
  3. Easier management of employees; companies have to deal with employees who have a tendency to come to work late, or who spend too much time on the internet rather than working. Automated doors are increasingly used to reign in such employees because some will indicate the time an employee has arrived. Other automated systems can be used to spy on employees who spend all day on Facebook or even block some sites.
  4. Cuts cost of doing business; going by the example we gave of ATM machines, banks have been save much money that’d have been used to pay tellers and cashiers. This money has been diverted elsewhere, for instance in opening new branches. Companies that have embraced fully automated systems for their day to day operations tend to spend less on salaries and employee wages. Although some proponents of automated systems may argue that these systems rob people of jobs, truth is that it helps companies streamline their services and reduce operation costs.
  5. Insurance; insurance companies are increasingly becoming picky on the kind of liability they will accept. Most will insist that you install maximum security features to your premises in order to prevent theft and burglary. Automated systems are one example of such security features. Thus, an insurance company will find it easier covering property that has automated security systems, compared to one that hasn’t embraced the systems. Automated apartment doors are harder to break into and most act as a deterrent to many would be criminals. On the contrary, simple padlocks and locks can be easily broken into

As the world continues to become more connected by the internet, one can expect that automated systems will become more common at the work place. The fact that these automated systems are affordable and easy to maintain makes them the perfect option for companies and offices looking to boost safety and security, as well as productivity.