SOS Electricals | The Gossamer City Project
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The Gossamer City Project

About This Project

Set in the vibrant and innovative centre of East London, the Gossamer City Project is an exciting community village comprised of 64 20ft containers that are home to entrepreneurs, creatives, and professionals. It is a welcoming space that encourages uniqueness, success and inspiring businesses. The Gossamer City Project plays a part in the community helping businesses to facilitate networking and the sharing of ideas and working to create a community, not just a soulless workspace.


At SOS Electricals, we were proud to be a part of the project by installing and equipping the container units with all the works needed for successful businesses. This project involved major sub distribution works from design to installation, each sub main panel board was bespoke built in house by the SOS team which was then linked to a cloud-based meering system for easy management of site consumptions and billing. Each unit was fitted with four double sockets, an infrared heater, and a wireless internet access point, which was then linked to a cloud-based metering system for easy management.


To bring each unit together to make the project a community, we also installed communal lighting in the external areas as well as all-important emergency lighting for health and safety and regulatory compliance. It was important to bring the units together by using lighting to make the communal spaces an inviting area for idea sharing and brainstorming sessions.

Works Undertaken

Main Sub main installation

Small power installation

External communal lighting installation

Emergency Lighting installation

Cloud based metering system