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M&S International

About This Project

The iconic British retailer is well known and pride of place up and down the country’s high streets. It is a major brand that invokes the image of quality, trust and innovation. One of the most prominent aspects of Marks and Spencer shops is their ever-changing window displays that are designed to draw customers in and showcase their latest offerings, whether this is in their home, fashion or food sections.


For Marks and Spencer, SOS Electrical completed a lighting and small power installation, notably in their window display area to highlight products with an impressive chandelier. As well as this, we installed moveable spotlights which are a necessity for window dressers to adapt and change the displays.


Each window area was completed with strategically placed lighting options, allowing products to be shown to their best potential while also offering variety and flexibility, depending on the needs of the store.

Works Undertaken

Ligthing Installation

Small power installation