SOS Electricals | Hilton London Syon Park – Spa Resturant
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Hilton London Syon Park – Spa Resturant

About This Project

Set in the illustrious Hilton Syon Park in Brentford, the Syon Park Spa Restaurant is truly a space to unwind and stock up on some much-needed rest and relaxation. While in close proximity to the bustling city centre, the Syon Park Spa Restaurant feels utterly remote and secluded as it is set in extensive and beautiful grounds that belong to the Duke of Northumberland.


In order to give this relaxing space the ambient feel that it needed, SOS Electricals were instructed to come up with an innovative lighting design that reflected the contemporary design of the space with a calming spa-style tranquillity as well as meeting the needs as a busy restaurant. The lighting design needed to capture and highlight the stylish design of the restaurant and ensure that each table felt like an intimate setting.


Once we had designed the perfect lighting design for the space, the team then installed both the general and emergency lighting as well as creating a practical, easy to use lighting control system to ensure the staff could set the mood of the restaurant accordingly.

Works Undertaken

Lighting Design

Lighting Control system

General Lighting installation

Emergency Lighting installation

Small power installation

Data & Telephone installation