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Lutron Wireless Lighting from SOS Electricals

24 Aug Lutron Wireless Lighting from SOS Electricals

Modern lighting systems are so advanced that you no longer need to create additional work by making holes in your walls to add extra wiring. This can make a mess, costly and time consuming.

Lutron’s new QS Wireless technology is the system that finally put an end to this. This energy saving device will enable you to create the lighting environment that you desire with the touch of a button and no additional wiring.

Lutron Wireless

These devices are ideal for a newly built homes or a major reconstruction of an existing property. The Clear Connect® RF wireless technology can be easily installed by a qualified professional at SOS Electricals in no time whatsoever.

Your old switches or dimmers will be replaced by modern “smart lighting controls” and any pull cord shades will be replaced by battery powered devices. Your new devices will be able to communicate to each other to get the perfect light setting. You can install Lutron QS in one room at a time and scale up in the future instead of having everything installed in one go.

There are several benefits to upgrading your lighting and one of the most attractive is the amount of energy that you can save while being environmentally friendly at the same time. This is achieved by heat gain reduction and temperature control.

You can easily control multiple devices from one handset which is convenient and schedule them to be on or off during any time of the day. This advanced technology will even adjust to sunrise and sunset automatically. This can all be done while you are away from home also.

You can also pre-set your favourite settings for any mood of lighting or temperature that you wish and save them for the future depending what mood you are in.