SOS Electricals | Lighting in the Workplace
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Lighting in the Workplace

sos workplace lighting

24 May Lighting in the Workplace

It is important for a number of reasons that the lighting in your workplace or business premises is of a certain standard that will allow your staff to work comfortably also keeping them safe. By having good quality lighting, people will be able to spot a potential hazard and this will reduce the chances of an accident through not seeing an obstruction.

office lighting

Here are some points to consider with your work place lighting.


  • Potential risks and hazards will be spotted and avoided so no harm is caused. The problem can then be corrected
  • The position of the should be easily accessible for maintenance and do not cause a hazard themselves
  • The should be no glare, strobe or flickering that will cause employees and visitors discomfort
  • The lighting should be matched with the work being completed. It should not be any items or substances that are flammable
  • Emergency lighting should be present in the event of an emergency should the building need to be vacated. This should also be lit even in the event of a power failure.


Poor quality lighting will cause a number of issues with employees. Eye strain, headaches and a lack of concentration are quite common which can lead to a less productive day at work. This could also lead to staff members taking days off which will cost the business money.

The people that are responsible for the quality of the work lighting are the employer’s, people that are in charge of any non-domestic premises and the self-employed. You are duty bound to ensure that the lighting is safe to avoid any accidents or incidents.

The workplace lighting should be monitored on a regular basis so everything is in full working order.