SOS Electricals | Using LED Lights Around the Home
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Using LED Lights Around the Home

25 Nov Using LED Lights Around the Home

By converting your lighting around your home from traditional lamps to modern LED lamps, is a great way to save energy and give your home a modern look and feel.

LED lamps use a lot less energy (up to 90% less in fact) which could have a positive impact on the amount of money that you pay for your electricity bill every month.

LED lighting can also last for many years saving the cost of replacing blubs often. They also look very similar to old style blubs so you will only notice the positive difference once switched on.

SOS LED Lighting Installation

The technology used in LED blubs is still relatively new and the majority of people do not use it. When first produced, the bulbs were not too great but they have improved massively over time. They were also considered quite expensive, however the prices have decreased over the years and now they are more affordable. You can be expected to pay between Five to teen pounds depending on the quality & strength of the brightness that you want.

These lamps come in many different colours with a range of brightness’s to suit any home. One of the differences in LED blubs compared to a Halogen ones, is that they are instantly bright when switched on as opposed to taking their time to reach full power.

If you are unsure about whether an LED bulbs would suit the look of your home, you could buy one of the less expensive as a test. On a less positive note, It has been mentioned that some LED bulbs can slightly interfere with certain radio signals.

The way that an LED bulb works is different to an incandescent light. An incandescent light works by passing pass electric through a thin wire filament so light is produced. An LED bulb works by a semi-conductor and when electricity passes through it, light appears.

If you want an LED bulb that adjusts and dims, you will need to check the packaging and obviously ensure that you have a dimmer switch installed.

LED bulbs are very Eco friendly, and have no toxic chemicals at all so they are safe to use. They also have Zero UV Emissions

Remember, if you decide to convert to as with most things to recycle your old bulbs once you have removed them.