SOS Electricals | What are LED bulbs and why you should switch to them
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What are LED bulbs and why you should switch to them

27 Jul What are LED bulbs and why you should switch to them

LED (light-emitting diodes) are becoming one of the top choices for lighting systems in homes and businesses across the world. Essentially this modern technology addresses the needs of the modern world and this is what is driving its popularity.

SOS LED lighting

Savings on energy

One of the main fundamentals that LED lighting addresses is cost. LED bulbs use noticeably less energy than its alternatives with a saving of up to 90%. The bulbs themselves have an increased life expectancy due to thermal management.

Since the lights last longer, you won’t have to worry about maintenance. You can expect an LED bulb to last up to 50,000 hours. This will enable you to make savings on your electricity bill and maintenance fees.

Studies suggest that savings start to accumulate in less than a year or maybe sooner, depending on the nature of the business operations.



It’s a modern businesses responsibility to consider the environment, even if not required by the law. Not following the environmental trend, can lead to bad business in the future – social responsibility equals goodwill in some industries.

The beauty of the LED lighting is that it consumes far less energy. The old alternatives release most of the energy coming into them as heat. This creates wasted energy and creates excess heat in the air.

Because they last so long, LED bulbs don’t leave much physical waste after they expire. As mentioned LED bulbs last up to 50,000 hours and an incandescent bulb lasts around 1,200. The math tells us that instead of sending 41 regular bulbs to the rubbish, you can send just 1 LED.



Another major benefit that’s driving the LED revolution is safety. LED doesn’t contain any mercury or lead. Heavy metal poisoning is a liability for any business.

The other safety benefit is that the bulbs don’t heat up, they are cool to touch for changing or maintenance. This means it will be safer for your employees and you will not receive burns claim from a staff member.

Another interesting safety aspect of the LED bulb is that, since they need very little maintenance, you will have less accidents happening at your premises. Accidents with ladders and similar are simply prone to happen statistically and so decreasing the number of times the maintenance process happens decreases the chances of it happening in your premises.