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Importance Of CCTV Maintenance

Importance of CCTV Maintennace

03 Apr Importance Of CCTV Maintenance

Having CCTV cameras in your home or work place is one thing; having them functioning properly is another. You never know when a break in will occur or when an incident pops up. You don’t want to wait until it’s too late for you to realize that your CCTV never captured the vital images. Insurance companies too will want to be very sure that your CCTV system was well maintained before they payout any claims. Just like any other gadget and device, maintenance of your surveillance system is something you can’t do without. Grainy and blurry images on CCTV cameras are often caused by poor maintenance of the lenses. In worst case scenarios, the cameras fail to capture anything! The frequency with which you’ll need to check and inspect your CCTV will be determined by the quality of the camera, and age. The older the system is, the more frequently you’ll need to check it out. An old CCTV system should be inspected at least once every 3 months just to ensure that everything is working on fine.

  1. Proper positioning; it is very important that you constantly review your CCTV footage. Do so from different angles as covered by the system in order to see whether any camera needs adjustment. The cameras should not swing or be left lose; tighten them and direct them steadily to the area you want them to focus on.
  2. Cleaning the camera; CCTV camera lenses are sensitive and have to be cleaned delicately at least 2 times a year.  Use a dry cloth to wipe any dust, moisture, or smudges and grime that may form on the lenses. Usually, a dirty lens will cause the images captured to appear grainy or blurred. Never use detergents and other cleaning agents unless you’re a professional who knows how to handle and maintain CCTV systems.
    Importance of CCTV Maintennace
  3. Clearing the landscape; outdoor camera is positioned near gardens or trees should be inspected regularly. Trim any overgrown branches and vines that may block the cameras view. Burglars and other criminals like hiding under bushes and thickets where the camera can’t easily pick them out; clear the landscape near the camera lenses. Bats, birds, bees, wasps; make sure that none has built their nest near your CCTV as these can very easily obstruct the view below.
  4. Weather effects; remember we mentioned about the quality of your CCTV cameras? Some CCTV systems will cope with weather conditions like sunshine and rainfall better than others. The good thing is that there are casings that come along with these systems to help them get some protection from direct sunlight.
  5. Regular inspections; regular CCTV system inspections are recommended depending on how old the system is. Old systems may have to be inspected once every 3 months. A newer system that’s still in its prime condition can be inspected once a year. There are many professional companies that offer CCTV installation and maintenance services. Usually, they look out for any signs of corrosion or damaged lenses, any insecurely installed cables, and so on.

Once you’ve purchased and installed your CCTV cameras, keep the manual in a safe and secure area. There are some minor glitches that you can trouble shoot alone at home or in the work place. If unsure, seek the services of a professional CCTV installer. Another important thing to remember is that cheap can be expensive; don’t buy cheap CCTV camera systems and think you’ve saved a lot! These will keep breaking down every now and then, plus the quality of images captured will be grainy and of low quality. It’s better to go for a reputable brand once and for all and close that chapter. Check online and read reviews of the CCTV system you wish to buy so that you make an informed decision.