SOS Electricals | How Fire Alarm Maintenance Helps Prevent False Alarms?
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How Fire Alarm Maintenance Helps Prevent False Alarms?

05 Feb How Fire Alarm Maintenance Helps Prevent False Alarms?


Fire alarms are installed with the sole aim of alerting us in case of a fire outbreak, thus helping protect our assets and the building itself. They also help in timely evacuation of buildings on fire. Yet, you may never know that your fire alarm is dysfunctional until the day a fire breaks out. By then, it may be too late; you can never tell that the alarm is faulty by simply looking at it. Like most electronics, it is important that you have a professional technician conduct regular inspections on your fire alarm. Dust, dirt, vandalism, there are many factors that may contribute towards the breakdown of these alarms. The first thing you’ll need to know is the age of your alarm systems, and their history. Knowing these things will help you ensure that the system is always operationally ready.

  • If your fire alarm system is less than 5 years old, such will require minimal inspections as it is still in its prime. But if the system is 15 years and above, then such would require constant inspections by a professional. Periodic system testing has been found to detect most problems that lead to breakdowns.
  • Regular inspections and servicing of fire alarm systems is more of a legal obligation; it helps you rest knowing that in case of a fire outbreak, the system will function. When you’re looking for a professional company or technician to come and install, maintain, or inspect your home alarm system, always ensure that their services are in accordance with the set British Standards. They should be BAFESP203-1 accredited. Mind you, wrong and improper installation of your home fire alarm system can cost you highly later on when it fails to function.

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Preventing false alarms;

Just a few days ago, the world was treated to a false Missile attack alert in Hawaii; there was panic and pandemonium as residents scrambled to run into underground bunkers and shelters. Only for the authorities to declare that the alarm had gone off accidentally, erroneously! This is another sober reminder that alarms and other electrical appliances, do malfunction at times. Sometimes with grave consequences. Usually, when a fire alarm goes off, everyone should vacate the building immediately; you don’t have to see the smoke or fire in order for you to scramble to safety. Yet, what would you do once you’ve made frantic efforts to flee, only to learn that the alarm had gone off falsely? In order to avoid such occurrences, always have your fire alarm system inspected regularly.

False fire alarms can be costly; they can cause injuries as people scramble to rush out for safety. In worst case scenarios, some people may even faint, go into shock, or simply pass out due to the panic. Besides, you may make the fire department to dispatch help right away, only for them to find out that it was nothing more but a careless blunder. Avoid such scenarios; get a qualified professional in London who specializes in installing and fixing fire alarm systems.  Each year, false fire alarms in the UK cost around £1 billion. The regrettable thing is that most of these false alarms can be avoided; they come as a result of faulty systems that have not been inspected as they should be. The Fire Industry Association is leading campaigns to educate property owners on how to minimize false alarms and the losses that go with them.

Always opt for a company or professional who provides you with 24/7 technical support. You should also be provided with a certificate of inspection once the professional has inspected the alarm system.