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Home Automation & Security – Benefits Of Adding Cutting Edge Technology To Your Home

home automation and security

29 Jan Home Automation & Security – Benefits Of Adding Cutting Edge Technology To Your Home


An interesting thing to note about most burglaries and house break-ins in London is that most of them occur when the owner is away. In other words, thieves and criminals will wait until you’ve gone out to get grocery, to work, or for that vacation; only when you come back do you realize that something is amiss. Thieves tend to either mess up with the lock, or simply kick the door open. As such, h0me automation and security has become a necessity with most; this enables you to thwart any potential criminal planning to break into your premises. Automated systems include alarms, automatic lights with sensors, automatic locks smoke alarms, surveillance cameras, and so on. With these devices a home owner is able to keep an eye on their property even then whey are on the move. Nowadays, you can even connect your home CCTV cameras to your Smartphone or laptop.

Benefits of cutting edge technology to your home;

To begin with, it is worth clarifying that home security and home automation are two different things. The security part of it entails all the devices and measures you’ll take to keep your premises safe. The automation part of it has more to do with customization of these security devices; it could mean that lights turn themselves on automatically the moment the security alarm or sensors detect abnormal movements. It could also mean customizing your front door so that if there’s someone who comes to walk your dog each day when you’re away, the door opens itself. Home automation is all about being smart.

home automation and security

  • Cutting edge technology will help reduce the number of successful break-ins into your apartment or office. Criminals always go for soft spots; installing and automating your security devices goes a long way in discouraging any would be burglars. Statistics have revealed that over 70% of criminals will walk away if they realize that a premise has alarms, CCTV, and other smart security features.
  • Even at times when the burglar has managed so break into your home or work place, cutting edge technology comes in handy in helping identify the culprit. Surveillance cameras can be used to recognize who was behind theft, while we have some doors that automatically lock themselves and won’t bulge until one with a password come and unlocks it. It’s every criminal’s worst nightmare, to easily push a door open, but when it’s time to get away, the door automatically locks itself.
  • Cutting edge technology will also play a huge role when you’re ensuring your home and other assets. Insurance companies often advice clients to invest in surveillance cameras, smoke detectors and fire alarms, and so on. Like aforementioned, these security features help deter any potential criminals. Besides, it becomes easier nabbing culprits once there has been a break in.
  • Automating your home security system is affordable and within the reach of most home owners. Gone are the days where sensors, keyless doors and such were the preserve of a few elite. You can shop for these devices here in London, and get a professional security expert to install them and advise on how to manage them. CCTV cameras in particular require constant checkups to ensure that they are recording footage from the right angles, whether their lenses are clean and clear.

You don’t have to be an expert in security affairs in order to install automated security features in your home or office. Get a reputable shop in London that sells these devices, chances are that they’ll have a team that will help you in installing such.