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Future Technologies to Be Rolled Out In High Speed Data/ Networking

Future Technologies to Be Rolled Out In High Speed Data Networking

26 Jul Future Technologies to Be Rolled Out In High Speed Data/ Networking

From the industrial age and now to the information age, technology advancements have improved the way of life for all people. We have seen so many new technologies in the last few years that have transformed the world greatly. The future technologies are also part of what life will be in the next few years. The beauty of technology is that things will get smarter and better and make human work and life extremely easy. Some of the future technologies to look forward to include:

  1. Internet of Things: this is a great innovation that is the most awaited for in home technology. We already have an idea of how things will be like with IoT, thanks to Amazon’s Alexa and Google’s Home. These are the kinds of devices we will be using to integrate more facets at home into one harmonious system.
  1. Automation: automation will reduce the work and save time for a lot of people. There is Amazon’s automated grocery store already, which reduces the need for cashiers. As technology advances, consumers can expect more of automation not just in the grocery stores but also right in their homes.
  1. Artificial intelligence: even though there is a lot of controversy around Artificial Intelligence, it has numerous benefits that will offer great opportunities for business people. AI will for instance render many people jobless but still, it will offer faster results in such areas as planning, scheduling and fraud detection. This is because it can make decisions faster and with greater accuracy than human beings.

High speed internet is needed to ensure smooth rolling out of these future technologies and 5G network offers just that and more. Smartphones and other digital devices are expected to get smarter and more numerous in the future. The applications they run in will be generating more data. The wireless network that connects them is expected to change too, in order to keep up with the speed. The best solution is a fifth generation wireless network technology.

The good about 5G

5G is offering a faster and more reliable connection for users. It is also capable of providing the extra bandwidth that is needed to create Internet of Things. This is the network that will connect more consumer products not just the smartphones and computers. It should be able to connect different services in cities such as emergency services, traffic signals and energy grids among others, to decrease inefficiencies.

Future Technologies to Be Rolled Out In High Speed Data Networking

The three main benefits you can expect from 5G include;

  • Faster speed- data transfer speed when using 5G is expected to be about 10 times higher than it is at the moment with 4G networks. Consumers can, therefore, expect faster transmissions of videos and images.
  • Minimal delays- there is always some delays between the times data is sent to the time it is received. This is totally eliminated with 5G.
  • Better connectivity- more people and more devices should be able to connect and communicate effectively at the same time.

The bad

  • 5G has been criticized for its high projection costs. If this is the case then the cost of running the future technologies will be very high.
  • Consumers will need new phones. The 3G and 4G phones that we are using today will not be able to connect to 5G.

The 5th generation of mobile communication networks is expected to make things better and give consumers better access to the future technologies. It may have its own challenges but the advantages are many if you want to enjoy a smarter life.