SOS Electricals | Fire emergency lighting for residential buildings
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Fire emergency lighting for residential buildings

20 Jul Fire emergency lighting for residential buildings

Residential buildings, bigger than two stories, require emergency lighting to provide illumination in the case of a fire breaking out. A single house will not require this as it is argued that there will be enough light from other sources for people to find an exit easily.

sos emergency lighting

For the smaller houses, it is up to the owner or landlord to install the lights or not. The benefits:

  • It’s not as expensive as people think
  • Very low maintenance costs, you only have to clean them and test them once in a while
  • They are relatively easy to install. No need for any additional wiring.

The reason why one would want to consider installing emergency lightening in small residential house is that it adds an extra layer of safety and security. Especially if the house in question is occupied by an elderly relative.

This type of lighting increases the safety of a residential building as some buildings may only have one exit and this lighting will help direct you to safety as quick as possible.

During a fire things can get very hectic, even the most basic route we take could be difficult due to obstructions or simply people panicking. If an emergency happens during the winter or at night it will be dark as well as full of smoke. Some light may help save a life.

Another benefit if you don’t live in the house is that you can offer that extra layer of security to your tenants and this could help with an insurance claim should a fire break out.