SOS Electricals | How a Well Designed Emergency Lighting System Saves Lives
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How a Well Designed Emergency Lighting System Saves Lives

How a Well Designed Emergency Lighting System Saves Lives

11 Jun How a Well Designed Emergency Lighting System Saves Lives

Safety is usually the most important concern to each and every person. It is of an essence to have a well-designed emergency lighting system at home, in the office and industrial buildings, and even in commercial buildings. When an emergency becomes apparent, most people tend to panic and when they get confused, they forget most of the common emergency procedures. Some might even forget where the exits are and end up running in the opposite direction because of fear. This is one of the reasons as to why it is crucial to have a well-designed emergency lighting system in order to protect and save lives during urgent situations.

Listed below are 5 ways of how a well-designed emergency lighting system saves lives;

  1. They Provide Instant Convenience;

To begin with, emergency lighting systems are very convenient and reliable as they are powered by the backup generators. This means that they will still be available despite power outages that can be brought about by disasters such as storms, hurricanes, or strong winds.  Therefore your employees can remain calm and go on with their work as usual during power cuts. Other than that, their availability isn’t hindered during emergencies, therefore, they can be of use during times of panic. It is therefore very important to have emergency lights at your home or place of work for your convenience.

  1. They Provide Quick Assistance To Employees;

Adding on to that, it should be your first and main concern that your employees and workers are safe and attended to during emergencies. You should install well-designed emergency lights that show a direct direction towards the exit. During fires, there may be power outages and an emergency lighting system will make it less difficult for people to exit the premises. In addition to that these emergency lights are bright enough to ensure their visibility, therefore, they will still be visible even if the room is filled with smoke. This will help save lives and prevent people from injury since people will be calm and less likely to be confused especially if they know that the direction which they are heading to leads to the exit. For the interest of your employees’ safety, you should adequately install an emergency lighting system.

How a Well Designed Emergency Lighting System Saves Lives

  1. Helps Point Out Origin of Fire to Responders;

Over and above that, emergency lights are of the utmost importance to emergency responders or firefighters. These lights assist them to know which direction to go especially during fires. They also provide them with direct understanding of the building with their floodlight signal. These emergency lights can be installed on the floor in order to create a highly visible pathway for responders when they come to assist during emergencies.

  1. They can Function As Landmarks;

To conclude this, well-designed emergency lightings can be of cognitive benefit since they can be used by individuals lost during disasters. They can help them find direction or avoid getting lost even further. They can also be used to point out directions where lost individuals should avoid going to, this, in turn, helps prevent accidents or even death from occurring. Emergency lights can save many lives if properly designed and installed at the right places.