SOS Electricals | Difference Between Non-Maintained and Maintained Emergency Lighting
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Difference Between Non-Maintained and Maintained Emergency Lighting

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03 Apr Difference Between Non-Maintained and Maintained Emergency Lighting

In an emergency situation that requires an immediate evacuation, the process will become more complicated due a poor lighting system which will put people at risk. It is important that any person in the building will able to see and follow the correct route to the emergency exits.

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Emergency lighting is made for these kinds of situations as well as ensuring there is light at crucial spots even if there is a power failure.


There are two main lighting types for emergencies which are maintained and non-maintained lighting.


Maintained emergency lighting entails a kind of lighting that keeps illuminated even in the event of a blackout. On a normal day without power interruptions, a maintained emergency lighting system draws power from staple units. When power interruptions occur, the lighting system draws power from reserved energy back-ups.


Non-maintained emergency lighting has a back-up system. Non-maintained lighting takes over when a blackout occurs, ensuring doors and passages meant for an escape route are properly lit even when the rest of the premises are out of power. Non-maintained lighting only works during emergency situations. Most business premises install this type of system.


Emergency Lighting System Choices


Choosing which emergency lighting system to install on a particular premise depends on the business needs.  For places only used during emergencies, non-maintained lighting systems work just fine. Maintained lighting is cheaper when installing lights in public premises. Less wiring is needed and every area will remain lit even after power outage.