SOS Electricals | Dangers Of Misusing Kitchen Appliances
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Dangers Of Misusing Kitchen Appliances


19 Oct Dangers Of Misusing Kitchen Appliances

Did you know that half of all fires reported in homes originate from the kitchen? This tells you just how much you need to excise caution when it comes to handling kitchen appliances. Microwaves, food processors, ovens, electrical stoves; you should always handle such with great caution. It makes sense to have a reputable electrician who’s on standby 24/7, who can be called in case you experience or notice signs that all is not well. Having said that, there are dangers involved when you misuse your kitchen appliances;

  1. Damage to the appliances; misusing kitchen appliances is the fastest way to damage them and render them unusable. This could mean that you have to spend more to have them repaired, or in worst case scenarios, be forced to buy some new ones. Power surges or faulty cables are an example of scenarios that may get your kitchen appliances damaged. To avoid such, ensure that your home wiring is done by a professional.
  2. Injury and bodily harm; another danger of misusing your kitchen appliance from touching a stove or oven without knowing that it’s hot. Steam from dishwashers can also cause worse harm than even direct flames.  Against is being burnt or even electrocuted.  Contact burns are the most common, , faulty wiring and connections can render even the best manufactured kitchen appliances dangerous.
  3. Fires; most kitchen fires occur as a result of the kitchen appliances either being misused, or the power connection causing random fires. Whatever the case, all fires are dangerous and can quickly spread to other areas of the house. NEVER try to put out a kitchen fire with water under any circumstances; this only makes the fire more intense. Baking soda can be used to put off grease fires that may pop up in the oven or grill, while fire extinguishers should be used to put out fires that are getting out of control. Regular inspections by a professional electrician can help detect and rectify any problem with your wiring or electrical appliances, before they get out of control.


Safety starts with you;

90% of all accidents involving kitchen appliances can be avoided. How? First, by constant inspection from a professional electrician and secondly, following all the safety features given. Most kitchen appliances like microwaves, electric cookers, dishwashers, ovens; each has safety precautions to guide you on its use. Some of the accidents are purely borne out of ignorance or lack of keenness. For instance, warming food in a plastic bowl in a microwave and then turning it on to the maximum is a recipe for disaster! The plastic will only melt and damage your microwave’s interior. Similarly, if you’re using a water heater in the kitchen and there’s a power blackout, ALWAYS unplug it or switch off the switch! Many home owners have left their heaters with the switch on and when lights returned, the heater ended up causing a huge fire! Thus, always be keen and cautious when handling kitchen appliances; have a reputable electrician inspect everything once in a while.