SOS Electricals | DALI Lighting in Large Properties
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DALI Lighting in Large Properties

06 Apr DALI Lighting in Large Properties

Lighting has become a crucial part of home décor and interior design. The digital world has played a big part in the lighting developments.  Apart from lamp and bulb shapes, controlling the amount of light or illumination has been added for purposes of matching occasions or personal preference. Colours can also be altered at will or automatically. Digital Addressable Lighting Interface (DALI) is an invention that revolutionised lighting and continues to do so. DALI works by picking up commands and executing those commands. When controlling lights within large expanses, digital control can have many advantages.

  • DALI saves the time and money used on electricians to change lighting arrangements. You just need to issue a command on DALI and executed through it too. It is also possible to check the energy use per bulb.
  • The commands could be about one bulb, several bulbs or lighting in specific areas. With DALI, you can dim the lights to any level and maintenance and monitoring can be conducted through a two-wired control system. You could have hundreds of bulbs but be able to control just one.
  • The lighting can be programmed to change according to the amount of natural light and how much light is needed in a room. If one room is used for different purposes, the lights can be timed to dim or match a certain activity at a certain area and time in the day or night. Theatres and rooms where balls are held are big beneficiaries of DALI.