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save electricity

04 Dec Saving Electricity In Your Home

London is a highly productive city. Electricity is used every second to facilitate the running of daily activities in residential and business facilities. Sometimes the electricity bills that need to be footed are unnecessarily huge. These bills can be reduced through saving electricity. London residents...

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19 Oct Dangers Of Misusing Kitchen Appliances

Did you know that half of all fires reported in homes originate from the kitchen? This tells you just how much you need to excise caution when it comes to handling kitchen appliances. Microwaves, food processors, ovens, electrical stoves; you should always handle such with...

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11 Oct What should you do before using electrical equipment

Introduction In this new millennium, post-modern times demand the use of modern technology in everyday industrial, commercial and home activities. The latest in innovative trends offer machinery, equipment and appliances that make work easier, efficient and effective. These equipment in order for them to run smoothly...

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nest alarms

14 Jun What are Nest Smoke Alarms?

  When it comes to smoke alarms, the majority of homes and buildings in the UK have them installed to protect family and staff members and alert anyone in the event of an emergency. Today, these devices are becoming ‘smarter and more technologically advanced. This is where...

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smoke alarm

16 May Radio Linked Smoke Alarm Systems

Fire alarms have been with us for many years, they have helped prevent numerous fire outbreaks in buildings. However, it is radio linked alarm systems that are the big deal; many experts have dubbed these alarm systems as game changers. In essence, radio linked smoke...

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06 Apr DALI Lighting in Large Properties

Lighting has become a crucial part of home décor and interior design. The digital world has played a big part in the lighting developments.  Apart from lamp and bulb shapes, controlling the amount of light or illumination has been added for purposes of matching occasions...

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24 Mar Audio and Video over Cat 5 and Cat 6

The fact about technology is that it is highly prone to change with products improving all of the time and new versions of current favorites being released on constant basis. What is introduced to the market today will be replaced by another version sooner or...

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