SOS Electricals | Benefits Of Using Energy Efficient LED Lighting
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Benefits Of Using Energy Efficient LED Lighting

Benefits Of Using Energy Efficient LED Lighting

28 Mar Benefits Of Using Energy Efficient LED Lighting

Light Emitting Diodes better known in the public domain as LED lighting is one of the most progressive in the illumination industry. Indeed, it is considered a breakthrough from conventional or analogue lighting into digital illumination technology. LED are made from solid state lighting which consists of tiny particles that are positioned on heat-conducting material as opposed to incandescent and fluorescent lighting which consists of glass bulbs that contains gases.

Why choose LED Lighting?

  • A long-lasting lighting solution! One benefit of LED is that it has an operational time expectation of up to 100,000 hours or 11 years of continuous operation or 22 years of 50% operation. Can you imagine that? What about the consequential benefits such as not having to nag a loved one to change the bulb?  Or the fact that in 22 years a whole generation may use one LED bulb per room!
  • Saves Energy! LED is economical in its use as has an energy efficiency of 80 – 90% as it make the most of 80% of electrical energy produced to light and 20% as heat while traditional lighting utilizes only 20% of electrical energy and 80% is given off as heat. LED lighting is an excellent solution for both domestic and commercial use.  This is good news for medical surgical procedures – Surgeons; can you imagine not sweating while at the operation table?
  • Comes in many sizes! LED measure from 3 to 8 mm long. The smaller sizes can be utilized in small spaces where traditional lighting may not cater for. Additionally LED can be used singly or in an array and project light in a focused direction show casing the specific item or items one may wish to draw eyes to. So whether you want to display an artistic piece or are considering suitable lighting for reading purposes – LED is the choice!
    Benefits Of Using Energy Efficient LED Lighting
  • Has flexible design features! LED lighting can be produced in an array of shapes and colors which can be distributed and controlled for dramatic effects. This digital lighting can be applied to sound to optimize visual and auditory effect – light combined with sound movement. Urban lighting can be transformed from offering basic street lighting into a work of art – a little bit like stars in the sky!
  • Ideal for rough conditions! LED lighting can withstand the hard knocks of life.  They are built in such a way they are resistant to vibrations and external impacts and are extremely ideal for outdoor lighting.  LED lighting can withstand the harshest of weather and suitable for construction and manufacturing sites.
  • Instantaneous and consistent lighting! LED lighting brightens the space immediately unlike the fluorescent bulbs which flicker on/off severally before lighting. The second you touch the switch, light flows consistently! And no matter how often you have to switch on or off the quality of light is sustain at its optimal level.
  • Can run on Low Voltage! In many third world countries, interruption of steady supply of is a regular occurrence and sometimes the electricity comes through in low voltage. LED lighting can operate where there is low voltage power supply and can be connected to external solar energy sources. Hence it is perfect for rural areas. This way every child in the third world countries gets an opportunity study way beyond daylight and actualizes their academic goals.
  • Green lighting! LED lighting contains no toxic substances and is recyclable.  Fluorescent lighting contains chemicals such as mercury which is harmful to human body and the environment.  Cleaning up after fluorescent bulbs is extremely dangerous and very costly.  LED lighting give a safer and cleaner future.