SOS Electricals | Benefits of Electrical Testing and Tagging
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Benefits of Electrical Testing and Tagging

electric testing and tagging

22 Jan Benefits of Electrical Testing and Tagging

There are numerous benefits of electrical testing and tagging. Most people hardly give this much thought until it is too late and a fire or damage has already occurred. Yet, this can be wholly avoided by regular tests of all your electrical appliances and systems. Electrical testing and tagging helps prevent accidental fires, you’re able to get accurate data on the condition of your electrical appliances, and are able to protect workers and others using these appliances. It also helps to keep your insurance premiums low. The tests are thorough and will involve testing the functionality and power connections of your appliances. Visual checking goes hand in hand with polarity tests. Once the inspection has been completed, tagging is done and is equivalent to labelling.

electric testing and tagging

There are allegations that the deadly Grenfel Tower fire in London in 2017 was caused by a faulty kitchen appliance that exploded. While this is sad and regrettable, truth of the matter is that this is not something new; most fires are caused by faulty electrical appliances, shoddy power connections, and carelessness. Electrical testing and tagging is meant to identify any abnormalities, and have them fixed early on time. In other words, you are never caught unawares by any incident or accident as all appliances and connections get tested and certified as safe. Homes and premises that conduct regular electrical testing and tagging enjoy lower insurance premiums. There’s also lower liability on your side in case of an incident or accident.

There are smart, automated PAT testers that are very ideal for onsite inspections. The automated testers have memory that gets recorded and can be used to provide accurate data during a risk assessment. Manual PAT testers are also common and are cheaper; however, they’re equally effective in conducting accurate tests. Just ensure that the professional or technician you’ve hired to do the testing and tagging is qualified and accredited to offer these services. London has no shortage of quacks that’re looking for quick money, without delivering good results. Even a faulty connection can easily lead to accidental fires or damage of electrical appliances. Thus, get an expert who can conduct a holistic testing of the wiring system as well as all appliances in the house. Only then can you be sure that you’ve no fears of an unforeseen eventuality.

London is home to many professional electricians who offer professional electrical inspections and tagging. A quick search online will yield numerous results, including those that are based within your locality. Out of the available list, compare and contrast among them, looking out for experience, qualifications, as well as availability, a good technician should be able to show up at your premises on short notice. This is because emergencies tend to occur with little or no warning and you may require prompt assistance. Get a professional electrician who’s based near or within your locality for such eventualities. The electrician will also advice you on how to take care of your electrical appliances and how to detect any anomalies. Mostly, problems are caused by dirt, moisture, dust, or power surges. Either way, regular inspections and testing will help identify such issues long before they are full blown.

Take control of your home safety today by ensuring that all your electrical appliances are tested and tagged. Don’t wait until the last minute or when damage has already occurred; regular inspection and testing is the way to go. You have every reason to have a professional electrician who can be reached on short notice and one who’s fully accredited to offer their services. It’s only the way to be sure that you’re safe and protected from unforeseen incidents.