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Author: Joey Perera


19 Oct Dangers Of Misusing Kitchen Appliances

Did you know that half of all fires reported in homes originate from the kitchen? This tells you just how much you need to excise caution when it comes to handling kitchen appliances. Microwaves, food processors, ovens, electrical stoves; you should always handle such with...

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11 Oct What should you do before using electrical equipment

Introduction In this new millennium, post-modern times demand the use of modern technology in everyday industrial, commercial and home activities. The latest in innovative trends offer machinery, equipment and appliances that make work easier, efficient and effective. These equipment in order for them to run smoothly...

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30 Sep What is electrical shock hazard

An electric shock can be defined as the feeling, sensation, physiological response or injury to the human body caused as a result of electricity or an electric current passing through it. This reaction takes place when the human body or part of the human body...

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