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The Sonos Playbar

You are now able have a fantastic audio experience from your television set by having the sound played through your Sonos Smart speakers. This is produced by connecting your Sonos PLAYBAR to your TV.

This device is made exactly for this so you can enjoy the very best possible sound from the nine internal built in speakers giving a clear powerful sound in any room that you wish.

Only one single cable is needed to connect the two together and will play everything that is attached to the TV that produces sound. This includes games consoles like the Xbox, PlayStation or the Sky or Virgin TV box.

It is recommended that you have the AutoPlay setting activated so when your television is turned on, it will automatically come through the Sonos speakers. Your remote control from Sky or Virgin can be used to adjust the volume control as well

It is possible to have different sounds in different rooms around the home also others can enjoy what they want to hear. Of course, you will need more than one Sonos speaker to do this. So for example listen to MTV in one room and a different radio in another which can be enjoyed by all members of the family.