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Author: Omer Atuf

exterior lighting

28 Dec SOS Exterior Lighting Brands

SOS Electricals use a number of different brands when installing lighting into homes and business premises in London. In this blog post we will get some more information on them describe some of our favourites to work with.Collingwood Lighting are one of the leading companies...

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lighting design london

01 Dec External Lighting for Extra Home Security

There are several measures that you can take to make your home safer and protect inside and out from intruders and potential theft.Some of the devices available on the market are burglar alarms, security cameras (CCTV), deadbolt locks and gated entrances.Another extra protection measure that...

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25 Nov Using LED Lights Around the Home

By converting your lighting around your home from traditional lamps to modern LED lamps, is a great way to save energy and give your home a modern look and feel.LED lamps use a lot less energy (up to 90% less in fact) which could have...

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11 Oct The Savant Pro App

You Can Now Control Everything in your Home Exactly How You Want!One single Savant Pro app now enables you to customise the way things function in your home exactly to your specification when you need it. It does not matter whether you wish to adjust...

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28 Sep Smoke Detector and Carbon Monoxide.

It is now the Law in the UK for properties that are rented out to tenants to have smoke detectors fitted and Carbon Monoxide alarms are to be installed where a solid fuel appliance is situated. This Law was put into place in October 2015. Failure...

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27 Sep The Sonos Playbar

You are now able have a fantastic audio experience from your television set by having the sound played through your Sonos Smart speakers. This is produced by connecting your Sonos PLAYBAR to your TV.This device is made exactly for this so you can enjoy the...

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18 Aug The Lutron Palladiom Keypads

Every home needs lighting and although it is a necessity it can now part of the décor that can create a different feel to any room depending on your mood. Gone are the days of having one light bulb and one level of brightness that...

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