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Author: Omer Atuf

sos Pat Testing

24 May What is PAT Testing?

Pat Testing is known as (Portable appliance testing) is the term used for the testing of appliances to ensure that they are in safe working order to keep your staff at the workplace.The checks are to test if there are any defaults on the item. Some...

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smoke alarm

16 May Radio Linked Smoke Alarm Systems

Fire alarms have been with us for many years, they have helped prevent numerous fire outbreaks in buildings. However, it is radio linked alarm systems that are the big deal; many experts have dubbed these alarm systems as game changers. In essence, radio linked smoke...

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stage lighting

11 May Stage Lighting

The quality of stage lighting, or rather, the way it is done can make or break a performance. The script may be nice, the cast may be ready and perfect; but unless the lighting is done properly, you risk ruining a performance long before it...

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Electrical fault

04 May Thermal Image Testing

Electrical equipment and systems need regular checking and inspection, just to ensure that there are no irregularities and abnormalities. Usually, thermal testing is the process used to test for this efficiency and is done inside the motherboard to check on the wiring and electrical components...

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06 Apr DALI Lighting in Large Properties

Lighting has become a crucial part of home décor and interior design. The digital world has played a big part in the lighting developments.  Apart from lamp and bulb shapes, controlling the amount of light or illumination has been added for purposes of matching occasions...

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29 Mar Amendment Three Regulation Changes

Over the last year, the British Electrotechnical and Allied Manufacturers Association (BEAMA) established that poor electrical attachments are responsible for fire accidents that occur in an electricity control unit. The LFE, (London Fire Brigade) also recorded an increase in incidents that begin in an electricity...

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24 Mar Audio and Video over Cat 5 and Cat 6

The fact about technology is that it is highly prone to change with products improving all of the time and new versions of current favorites being released on constant basis. What is introduced to the market today will be replaced by another version sooner or...

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