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Author: Omer Atuf


23 Jun We are CHAS Approved!

SOS Electrical Contractors are CHAS approved electrical contractors, this stands for The Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme.So who are CHAS?  The company was formed in 1997 by a group of very knowledgeable health and safety experts that aimed to improve the standard of health and...

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niceic (003)

20 Jun SOS Electrical’s are NICEIC Approved

SOS Electricals are proud members of the NICEIC Which is the United Kingdom’s governing body for the electrical contracting industry. The job of the NICEIC is to make sure each electrician is up to its high standards so a customer with an electrical problem at home...

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sos garden lighting

15 Jun The SOS Garden Lighting Guide

Garden lighting comes in handy when the weather improves as you will be able to spend a lot more time enjoying summer evenings and nights outdoors. Garden lighting can provide other functions as well as producing a nice setting so you might need to consider...

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nest alarms

14 Jun What are Nest Smoke Alarms?

 When it comes to smoke alarms, the majority of homes and buildings in the UK have them installed to protect family and staff members and alert anyone in the event of an emergency.Today, these devices are becoming ‘smarter and more technologically advanced. This is where...

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sos workplace lighting

24 May Lighting in the Workplace

It is important for a number of reasons that the lighting in your workplace or business premises is of a certain standard that will allow your staff to work comfortably also keeping them safe. By having good quality lighting, people will be able to spot...

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sos Pat Testing

24 May What is PAT Testing?

Pat Testing is known as (Portable appliance testing) is the term used for the testing of appliances to ensure that they are in safe working order to keep your staff at the workplace.The checks are to test if there are any defaults on the item. Some...

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smoke alarm

16 May Radio Linked Smoke Alarm Systems

Fire alarms have been with us for many years, they have helped prevent numerous fire outbreaks in buildings. However, it is radio linked alarm systems that are the big deal; many experts have dubbed these alarm systems as game changers. In essence, radio linked smoke...

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stage lighting

11 May Stage Lighting

The quality of stage lighting, or rather, the way it is done can make or break a performance. The script may be nice, the cast may be ready and perfect; but unless the lighting is done properly, you risk ruining a performance long before it...

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